Dogleg Right Corporation Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against TaylorMade Golf

Plano, TX, December 12, 2007 — Dogleg Right Corporation and Dogleg Right Partners, LP (both “Dogleg Right”) based in Plano, Texas, filed a patent infringement lawsuit Friday in Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Texas against TaylorMade Golf Company, Inc. of Carlsbad, California. Dogleg Right designs, develops, markets and manufactures innovative golf equipment to improve a golfer’s performance and enjoyment of the game.

In the Complaint (2:07-CV-533-TJW/CE), Dogleg Right alleges that TaylorMade is infringing upon two patents issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office to Dogleg Right Corporation: U. S. Patent No. 7,189,169 and U. S. Patent No. 7,004,852, both entitled “Customizable Center-of-Gravity Golf Club Head.” Dogleg Right Partners, LP is the exclusive licensee of both patents.

The patents cover breakthrough technology that allows the user to adjust the center of gravity of the golf club head in up to three dimensions in order to produce golf ball trajectories varying from high to low fades, high to low draws, and high to low straight shots. The club head also features more workable, or “forgiving,” playing characteristics.

The TaylorMade products accused of infringement include (1) the TaylorMade r 7 ® SuperQuad Driver, which was named #1 of 18 “Gear of the Year” on, December 2007, and Golf Magazine Club Test Drivers Winner, April 2007 (2) TaylorMade r7 ® Quad Driver, (3) TaylorMade r7 ® 425 Quad Driver, and (4) TaylorMade r7 ® CGB Max Driver and Fairway Woods. These clubs are used by golfers ranging from PGA Tour players to amateurs.

Lead counsel for Dogleg Right, Alan Loewinsohn, Senior Partner with the law firm of Loewinsohn Flegle Deary Simon, LLP in Dallas, said, “Dave Billings, the founder of Dogleg Right and inventor of the ‘852 and ‘169 Patents, first designed adjustable weighting concepts and later made a series of advances in materials and manufacturing technologies that enabled Dogleg Right to demonstrate the effectiveness of its customizable center of gravity innovations.”

Billings, who serves as Dogleg Right’s President and Chief Executive Officer, holds six U.S. Patents and many other pending patent applications for his innovations. Billings began designing golf clubs at age 13 and was an artistic and design prodigy.& Formed in 1994, Dogleg Right Corporation has launched several golf brands, including its own brands, such as Dogleg Right®, HOG Golf and MACHINE™ Putters & Grips, and has also offered research and development, marketing and consulting services for clients.

More than 150 golf professionals have used Billings’ innovative designs on the major tours, achieving 11 wins to date. Dogleg Right products, billed as “The Most Innovative Clubs in Golf™,” are carried in many of the finest golf clubs and specialty stores throughout the world. Information on the company is available at