Law Firm Engages LFDS to Recover Unpaid Fees and Expenses

LFDS has been engaged to represent Delgado, Acosta, Braden & Jones, P.C. (DABJ) to recover unpaid fees and expenses incurred in representing Six Flags Over Texas, Inc. in litigation against Steadfast Insurance Company. DABJ alleges that The Travelers Indemnity Company (Travelers) breached the terms of an engagement agreement in refusing to pay approximately $600,000 in outstanding fees and expenses.

Travelers has filed counterclaims alleging various breaches of duty by DABJ. DABJ intends to vigorously defend against the counterclaims.

The DABJ action is pending in Dallas County District Court.

Representing DABJ are Jim Flegle, Alan Loewinsohn, Mike Hopkins, and Carol Farquhar.