Intellectual Property Litigation

Our partners have decades of practice in trade secrets and patent litigations. Our partners have represented major players in cases involving:

  • Metallocene catalysts
  • Cholesteric liquid crystal displays
  • Equipment and methods for hydrocarbon exploration and production
  • Packet-switched technology
  • Methods for using separator products on 3-D printed models of dental arches
  • Golf club head design and technology

We bring a breadth of experience to the analysis of strategy, the efficient dispatch of discovery, and the ultimate decisions on results. Our partner, Jim Flegle, was involved in the retrial of a patent infringement claim and defense of invalidity for patent holders Kent State University and Kent Display Systems after the first trial resulted in an adverse verdict and judgment against them. He was not counsel in the first trial. The Federal Circuit reversed the verdict and judgment, and Flegle was hired for the retrial. After three weeks of jury trial, the second verdict was in favor of the patent holder, finding infringement, damages and no invalidity. The subject of the patent was cholesteric liquid crystal displays.

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